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We leverage artificial intelligence in synergy with human intelligence to identify new revenue streams, reduce costs, improve quality, enhance compliance, and provide insights for a competitive advantage to industry.


Computer Vision

Improving Efficiency & Diagnostics through Image Processing & Analysis

Mar 28,2019


Looking at HAI Case Records in Context of Your Physical Hospital Environment

Mar 28,2019

Machine Learning

Decreasing Readmission Rates for CABG Patients Through Predictive Modeling

Mar 28,2019

Data Science

Using Artificial Intelligence to Inform Business Decisions

Apr 01,2019

Applied Intelligence Solutions That Drive Digital Reinvention

Applied Intelligence

No human would attempt to study microbes without a microscope but we look at images, listen to sounds and read text believing that our own senses see and comprehend it all. Bringing together the superior observation and sensor fusion capabilities of AI with the uncanny intuition of a human will yield amazing results.

Drive Revenue

4th-IR allows your business to create a wider lens towards the market, create innovative solutions and business models, and gain tighter control of their operations. Our AI solutions enable our clients to maximize their core competencies, and licenses, capturing new market segments, service lines and revenue streams.

Reduce Costs

Your business can achieve a new level of performance by combining the proven concepts of Six Sigma and Business Process Engineering with 4th-IR’s AI application methodology. Costs are reduced by limiting variability, executing at an optimal point, and by inserting AI-based agents so that repetitive tasks can be executed at higher speed, higher accuracy and lower cost.

Improve Quality

Medical errors are the leading cause of unnatural death. By augmenting Human Intelligence and ability to observe, one can significantly improve execution. This reduces errors, improves quality, and enhances compliance. Having a second pair of trained eyes as well as a solution to perform frequent, high-volume tasks with more reliability can drive unlimited value.

Gain Insights

Today an AI can see better, hear better, read better and can almost reason as good as a human. The body of knowledge is increasing at a pace no human can sustain. The capabilities of AI allow you to break through the noise to focus on what’s important while significantly reducing the chance of missing critical insights.


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