4th-IR Awarded the 2019 Tell Award

Lucerne, Switzerland, August 2019 – 4th-IR has been selected as the winner of the prestigious 2019 Swiss TELL Award. A self-funded start-up, the award-winning 4th-IR was founded in 2016 and empowers innovators to transform their industry by making desktop AI solutions accessible, affordable, and easy to use.

By leveraging emerging technologies like computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning, the 4th-IR team helps its clients think beyond the face value of data to unveil new insights and opportunities for growth.

The Swiss TELL Award will be presented on October 17 in New York City during Switzerland’s annual “Inspiring Innovation” program with this year’s focus on Cybersecurity Resiliency, hosted by Boston Consulting Group in conjunction with Switzerland Global Enterprise. The award recognizes companies that have demonstrated their own courage and accuracy by expanding internationally and by choosing Switzerland as the location in which to focus.

Prior winners include BOEING’s Aurora Swiss Aerospace currently with 85 employees and continuing to grow as well as Novocure, a commercial stage oncology company employing approximately 100 people at its EMEA HQ for Commercial Operations in Lucerne (Root).

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