About 4th-IR

A self-funded start-up, the award-winning 4th-IR was founded in 2016 and empowers innovators to transform their industry by making desktop AI solutions accessible, affordable, and easy to use.

By leveraging emerging technologies like computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning, the 4th-IR team helps its clients think beyond the face value of data to unveil new insights and opportunities for growth.

To date, 4th-IR has been dedicated to providing practical, innovative healthcare, financial services and life science solutions by leveraging emerging technologies like machine intelligence and deep learning.

The 4th-IR team consists of industry experts, data scientists, and solution engineers with years of experience implementing cutting-edge solutions to real-world problems.

Driven By Our Mission

We formed 4th-IR because we believe that a symbiotic application of machine intelligence and human intelligence will lead to a safer, more sustainable, and more productive world. We believe our expertise in this symbiotic application can enable our clients to achieve greater success in a rapidly changing and ever-more competitive environment.

Built on the principles of an elastic enterprise, we supplement our core team through a broad network of experts and partners in financial services, healthcare, legal services, life sciences, and technology.

We develop custom solutions that help our clients:

  • Gain Insights
  • Drive Revenue
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Quality